Gas Station Commercial Note Buyers

Sell your gas station private note. National Commercial Note Buyers have been buying distressed gas station commercial real estate notes from banks and other financial institutions as well as seller financed commercial real estate notes and loans throughout the United States.

Sell Your Owner-Financed Gas Station Private Mortgage Loan

We buy promissory notes from $100,000 up to $5,000,000.

We try to make the process as easy as possible. We buy performing 1st Lien loans and notes but we are also different in that we will buy distressed loans and 2nd Mortgages in certain situations.

On a 2nd Mortgage or lien situation we would require the right to pay off the 1st mortgage in a default situation.

Offers are given in writing and our contingencies are spelled out.

We strive to close our purchase of your note as quickly as possible – typically within 30 days and no longer than 60 days. Due diligence is performed in-house on the loan and collateral at no cost to you.

Here is what we need to give you an offer on your note:


Requirements to sell your note:

Copy of the current note signed by all parties

A statement from you of the last payment received from the borrower and have they missed any payments.

Description of the property or properties collateralizing the note.

Other items that will help us get YOU the Best Price for your Note:

  • Appraisals, environmental reports, surveys of the property or properties collateralizing the note or loan and dated within 2 years of your submission to us if you have them.
  • Any financial information you have on the borrower if you have them.
  • Any escrows for real estate taxes or insurance you are holding as the lender if there are any.
  • Title policy you received at the closing.

National Commercial Note Buyers

National Commercial Note Buyers  have been buying distressed commercial real estate notes from Banks and other Financial Institutions since 1995.  We broadened our search to Seller Financed Commercial Real Estate Notes and Loans and look throughout the United States and seek loans from $100,000 up to $5,000,000.

What is the difference between a business note or a commercial note?

A business note is an owner’s self-financed loan taken when you sell your business without the real estate- or business assets only.
Commercial notes are the loans taken back by the seller to finance commercial real estate.

How easy is it to sell your note?

National Commercial Note Buyers has been purchasing commercial notes across the United States since 1995. We offer an easy process to get cash for your real estate note now!